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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Health & Balance -Points Of Interest For Your Health & Well Being


* 16 Years of love & intention has been invested to master the Ascension Series music note per note. I believe you will experience this, the love within feeling the waves ripple through your being and help you rise. I listen to this music daily as my choice for Ascension & well being music so I aim to put my best in when creating it.


* The Primary Ascension music is created 99% pure electric Guitar using Fender's Noiseless guitar pickups -means no frequency loss compared to traditional noisy electric guitars that rely on "Hum-Buckers"


* The Ascension-guitar music utilizes a 2000 Msec delay (2 Seconds) which is the same pulse speed as the Bi-neural Mind Entrainment Technology "HGH Release" (Human Growth Hormone) or also known as accelerated healing frequency.


* "The Key" currently published music single contains the popularized 528 Hz DNA healing frequency that is played sequentially & consistently in its musical scale. *Note: This frequency/tuning might actually be changed in the updated revision of the music single. The Ascension Series music is sensitive process discovered intuitively evolved through what I can only describe as a form of biofeedback. My more focused version seems to be in the tuning of C# at 68Hz on (open E string). As my music comes into focus, so does my art work. I have used my art as a mirror of health and reflection of optimal mental states.


* Brain Balance - When creating the music I avoid panning the sound to create super stereo like effects. Some engineers may mix music in such a way as to emphasize a particular bass drum more so on the left or right side of the speakers/headphones. If one listens to a bass drum only on the left or right it can actually interfere with your physical balance when standing, walking, running etc. I have felt that If sound is only on one side of the speaker/headphone, its stimulating only one region of the brain causing a possible chemical imbalance.


* Using the core Ascension music,  balance is also reflected in my Ascension Series Artwork (not the inspirational sub series) whereas the paintings are symmetrical, your eyes/brain receive the same message.


* Additionally I have accentuated bass levels for the notes that produce bass to create the "Ascension Pulse™" -same frequency as our heart between 70-85Hz. The unique fingering style & bass refinement is what creates the "Ascension Pulse™" and helps people to feel and know as to distinguish Ascension Series music versus music by other artists that create their own style of Ascension music.


* I cut the guitar picks with scissors to create the customized & distinct bell or chime tone when plucking the strings.


* Its said that classical music increases IQ because of its resonant & wide range of musical notes aside from the classical musical style or melody. Ascension Series music because of it's fingering, note plucking and note consistency may contain up to 5 x more notes and note ranges than your average Classical music. To add to the comparison Ascension Series music also often plays for long durations for example 11-57 minutes giving the mind/body a great sonic shower.



It's perfectly OK & encouraged if professionals want to adapt these healing methods for their own products & services as we all want healing & transformation for the world. My only request is that you credit Ascension Series or Kurt Nielsen of the Ascension Series -Thank you.


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