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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

About the Ascension Series

  • 1994 was the year of discover for the Ascension Series.  In a search for self empowering imagery, in a very short time I scanned through the pages of a 1974 Encyclopedia set collecting as many images outside the norm I was accustomed to such as various ancient temples/shrines of Buddhism, Hinduism, Burma etc .  In an amazing meditative state while first glancing at the pictures seeing the similaries then gazing into a candle flame while playing and at the same time recording my guitar a fateful  feeling came over me partially ominous but also auspicious and bright. Mesmorized by the feeling I contiuned. I wasn't exactly sure what happened but I played back the music and  my mind/experience was instantly brought into another world full of excitedment, mystery and glee.

Ever since the first experience music was coming from me unlike anything I've heard before and began recording them. The music such as "The Key" started out small (like a child" then grew complex then sophisticated -beyond the mindset of an adult into -a cosmic mind.

  • In 1999, I first realized the name for my spiritual works the "Ascension Series".

    The first published music of the Ascension Series is the popular music single "The Key' a run time of approximately 57 minutes in 2007. Since then he has produced his own video, as an art instruction entitled "Accelerated Artistic Development Program" and then recently another music single "Spiritflight - Ascension Activation".

    2010 - "The Beginning - Prelude To Enlightenment" was released.

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