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Health & Well Being Disclaimer

The information on the following pages contains Ascension research based relating to scientific research and some of my own processes, experiences and theories.
I am not telling anyone how to think, feel or react. If you decide to try any process or example I have posted, you herby acknowledge and agree that you take full responsibility and precautions for your own well being and that you agree not to hold myself Kurt Nielsen or Ascension Series in part or in whole responsible for your actions.

Knowing your limits can prevent injury. If you feel pain stop immediately and consult your Nature Path Health Professional or your preferred medical practitioner.

Religious Disclaimer

I am not tied into any religions and I don't receive directions from Ascended Masters that you might find on other websites assosiated with Ascension. I don't practice magic nor do I request people to aid me with theirs. As far as I know, my friends don't practise anything deemed dark or religious.  My interest & process of ascension is unguided & free from influence other than the music I have created to direct my abilities and manifest my artwork & vice versa.

The concept of ascension was revealed to me by my own intention to better myself to the highest degree through my art & music. I also began surrounding myself with my art & information on health. I figured to be healthy as I could would lead me to better decision, knowledge & wisdom which became true.

By proceeding beyond this page into my Ascension archive you acknowledge that you are responsible for your own well being, you agree not to hold this site or anyone directly affiliated with this site accountable for any decisions or experimentation based on any information provided by this website, that you understand completely and agree with this disclaimer and finally that if you don't agree with the terms of this disclaimer you are not authorized to access any of the content on this website.

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