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Tuesday, 17 April 2007

On the right of this website you will notice the Crystal Singing Bowls.

There are a few  reasons why crystal bowls are highly recommended as a powerful vibrational energy transformational tool. A few simple explanations are provided below.

Our body is partly composed of silica. Silica is quartz crystal with an oxygen molecule attached. You may already know that silica is the glue that holds us together, skin, bones, hair and nails etc. It is essential for all life and also inhibits aging.

 Singing Bowls when struck with the wooden stick that it comes with and then stirred inside creates a powerful hum or sine wave. This hum or om like tone is the vibratory frequency of quartz crystal/silica.

Fabien Maman &  Joel Sternheimer 
     In 1974, Fabien Maman was working as a professional jazz musician. He noticed that certain musical keys had an energizing effect on both the musicians and the audience.
     Fabien worked with the French physicist Joel Sternheimer. Sternheimer had discovered that elementary particles vibrate at frequencies in accordance with musical laws. They found that body tissue, organs and acupuncture meridians each have a musical note.

Ernest Chladni
     In the 18th century Ernest Chladni, a German physicist, found that when a violin bow was drawn vertically across the rim of a metal plate the sound waves produced created patterns in sand sprinkled on the plate. Different musical tones would cause the sand particles to move into geometric patterns. These type of patterns are said to be created within our body when listening to various sounds.

 I believe these geometric patterns are infact complex pathways of information delivery for our body. The more pathways created may perhaps make our body smart enough to detect the slightest onset of an imbalance or disease and know how to physically react to treat it. In a  simple explaination;     your body can detect the need to scratch an itch, you then would respond and scratch to treating it. Ultimately the body can only get so smart or complex then what? Lets expand on the idea to the max and say that the body reached full self awareness and was able to cure disease or even avoid it by sensing danger like the way your body may react if your around cats and you have an alergy to them.. This topic is huge and I will expand on it later.

The overall experience of these singing bowls are amazing! Quartz signing bowls are a powerful form of vibrational medicine,  I  believe them to be better than massage machines and some massages.  The experience is that you may feel totally revitalized from the inside out. Prolonged exposure will make you feel a sense of euphoria.

I use sound or music in a specific way to increase & accelerate my abilities to draw and paint.
Sample of highly sought out Crystal Singing Bowls.

Sound can vibrate all densities of matter, what can it do within our body or better yet within our cells?

  -Kurt Nielsen

The" Mozart Effect" is popularized research and musical products originally targeted for making babies smarter. An infant's brain under 3 years of age when learning to play musical instruments can grow on average 3/4 more in size than an average child.

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