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Blogs / Ascension Process Log Archive
 Nov 19th Time: 3:00 AM Description  I several hours before this early morning event I was working on the new tune  (name TBA) and it may be helping to accelerate contractions/chakra activations...
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Ascension Research / Ascension Process
 Ascension Pulse Many ancient cultures assosiated drums in thought and practice as hearts. The four colors of humanity each had their own and kept the assosiation in their spiritual beliefs. Over time some of us let this assosi...
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Ascension Research / Ascension Process
Microcosm Love -the dance of all life Some of the Ascension Series music directs my attention to about how I interact in the world and my relationships with people & animals -all living things are fighting a hard battle enduring much suf...
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Ascension Music / Music In Development 2012
   Check back soon for updates!
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