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Highly Recommended / Books
People are concerned about protecting themselves on multple levels these days, particularly in Japan & North America from Radiation exposure. I own this book myself and is very helpful. There are multple ways to protect yourself not limi...
16/03/2011 | 12373 Hits

Highly Recommended / Books
I first started readingthe book on Silica in 1994 by Klaus Kaufmann titled "Silica the forgotten nutrient".Interestingly 2-3 weeks previous I was first discovering the Ascension Series intuitive process which lead me to ...
09/03/2011 | 12478 Hits

Highly Recommended / For Health
As a #1 standby I recommend people get themselves a wheatgrass/ barely kit not only for optimal healh as a superfood and detox but also for food emergenciesor the rising food costs associated withinflation. The turnaround for ...
08/03/2011 | 12042 Hits

Highly Recommended / Sound Mind & Body
On the right of this website you will notice the Crystal Singing Bowls. There are a few reasons why crystal bowls are highly recommended as a powerful vibrational energy transformational tool.A few simple explanationsare pr...
17/04/2007 | 6268 Hits


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